HD PoE IP Kits

Our PoE IP Kits have been introduced to benefit you and installer, due to the multiple choice of PoE and Non PoE cameras we have customised this collection of IP systems in order to achieve up to 2MP Full HD resolution and enable you to transmit data and power with one cable, the cameras use the latest IP chipset, ensuring a high quality of CCTV footage. Our kits will help you transmit the data and power on a single cable either with PoE injectors or PoE switch. Be aware that Premio and All-In-One use active PoE (PoE Switch) in our pre-made kits, and the rest of the cameras run by Passive PoE (PoE injectors+ power adapters). While Active PoE uses a PoE switch to supply the power, the passive PoE uses a PSU to supply the power.