Access Control Systems

Installing door access control systems will ensure your buildings are secure and that only the right people can get in.

Key-based systems will deliver this, but you have all the hassle of getting the right keys to the right people. And then someone loses a key!

Door access control systems give you all the control you want without any of the hassles of a lost key:

- You issue a code, card or fob to every member of staff.

- Each can be uniquely programmed to provide access only to where you allow them to go.

- Access can be limited to selected times and days.

- Reports can be created showing times when users enter.

- If lost, you simply block that card, fob or code and issue another.

- Your building's security is maintained. Your staff can get on with what you want them to do. The security/insurance risk is removed, as is the cost and time of replacing locks and issuing new keys to everyone.